Another important responsibility of the State Veterans’ Program is to ensure that veterans are treated with courtesy and respect at all OhioMeansJobs Centers across the State and are given Priority of Service in referrals to job openings and other services.


The goal of the State Veterans’ Program is to eliminate unemployment and underemployment among Ohio’s veteran population. To meet this goal, Local Veterans Employment Representatives and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists across the State provide Intensive Services for veterans with employment barriers. We also assist businesses with their workforce needs and provide or facilitate employment and placement services to ensure that eligible veterans receive maximum employment and training opportunities. By developing policies and implementing programs, the State Veterans’ Program increases opportunities for veterans to obtain employment and participate in job-training programs.


If you are a Veteran who feels there are significant obstacles keeping you from obtaining sustainable employment, we are here to help. Our Veterans Representatives currently work with a number of employers who are interested in helping veterans like you get back to work.

If you would like to hear more about these opportunities, there are several services specific to veterans at the OhioMeansJobs|Butler County job center and veteran representatives who can assist you. 

Please call or come into one of our full service career centers and identity yourself as a veteran. You will be routed to veterans services, as needed. 

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